Our Renting Conditions
Reservations are subject to the following conditions:

Reservation – after completing the booking form the tenant will receive a written booking reservation confirmation by Email with a statement of cost of rental and deposit costs.

Advanced Payment -  we ask for the payment of 30% of the total rental cost, as stated in the booking reservation confirmation Email, to be paid within 10 days into the account specified.

Reservation Confirmation - after receipt ot the pre-payment the tenant will receive the reservation confirmation by Email.

Full Payment - the remaining 70% of the rental cost becomes due not later than 4 weeks before the start of the renting. An Email reminder will be sent requesting this payment.

Deposit -  a deposit of 10% ist payable from 3 months rental and designed to cover the cost of any damage repairs, missing items or short time cancellation, and will normally be returned in full on completion of the letting when handing back the keys. 

Cash Payment Locally - for special cases (for example world travellers) rental payment can be made to our local agent either prior to the letting or on receiving the keys.

Handover of Keys - arrangements will be made in each case for our local agent to hand over and take back the apartment keys and check the apartment in the presence of the tenant.

Animals - animals are not allowed inside the Condo or in any of the apartments. 

Decrease - the owner cannot be made liable for short term loss furnishings or publlic supply. A dicount is impossible. The owner is anxious for an immediate re-establishment.

Premature Departure - if the tenant leaves early the owner will endeavour to relet the apartment and if successful will refund to the tenant any double paid days less an administration charge of 3'000 baht.

Cancellation - if the tenant cancels the reservation more than two months before the letting his money will be refunded less a 3'000 baht admininistration fee. If the tenant cancels the reservations more than two weeks before the letting a fee of 50% of the letting payment will be deducted before returning the balance to the tenant. In the case of a successful relet a further refund will be made as described under Premature Departure. Any cancellation made within two weeks of the letting will be subject to an 80% fee before returning the balance to the tenant. In the case of a successful relet a further refund will be made to the tenant as described under a Premaure Departure. For elemination of the risk of cost we recommend the conclusion of a insurance.